Why switch to Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy?

Think all pharmacies are alike?

That’s until you’ve experienced Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy. We’re worlds apart from your typical pharmacy in terms of service, knowledge, and professionalism.

We’re conveniently located, yet always ready to go the extra mile for you.

Everything starts with our world-class team of expert pharmacists. They’re friendly, knowledgeable, and are always ready to counsel and answer medication questions, recommend lower-cost alternatives, and over-the-counter options. Talk to them about how to make it easier to manage side effects and stay on treatment. Have a hard-to-find medication due to market shortage or recall? The team at Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy can locate it across a network of national distributors, so you can get just what you need every single time.

Navigating between your doctor and your insurance company can be a full-time job. But at Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy, you don’t have to give it a moment’s thought. Our team will help you get on therapy as soon as possible—even when you face insurance challenges—by coordinating between your doctor and your insurance to resolve coverage issues.

Affordability, Convenience, Service
The family pharmacy

Visit our beautiful new store, conveniently located on Route 206 at the QuickChek plaza in Bedminster. With the most knowledgeable staff in the area, and all that we offer.

The question is not why switch to Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy. It’s why NOT switch!

In addition, you can rely on

Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy for:

Free flu shots with most insurances and other common vaccinations all day with no appointments required. We also stock a variety of CDC-recommended vaccines, including Shingles, Pneumonia, HPV, MMR, Tdap, and Hepatitis A&B.

Diabetic care including medication and supply training, counseling, medication management, vaccinations, diabetic shoes, OTC items and testing supplies.

Compounding services - creating personalized medication with special flavorings, unique dosage forms through customized solutions to meet specific patient and pet needs.

Easy Refills - Refill in a snap online or through our app.

Get text alerts when your prescriptions are ready for pickup.

Innovative Packaging - We can help you remember to take your doses with multi-dose packaging.

Call, text, email, or drop off prescriptions, restrictions apply.