Bedminster Pharmacy Goes the Extra Mile for You: Free delivery and benefits

We work very hard to make things easy for you

We work very hard to make things easy for you

It won’t take long until you realize just how different Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy is from all the other pharmacies in the Bedminster area. As a local business, as opposed to a national chain, we keep our focus on our customers instead of our stockholders. That gives us the freedom to go further, providing the type of service you can’t get at a corporate pharmacy.

Providing the type of service you can’t get at a corporate pharmacy.

Our goal is to provide effortless convenience, for every single visit.

Here’s how we make that goal work for you.

More ways than ever to drop off your prescription: Patients have the flexibility to text, email, or drop off their prescriptions in person. NOTE: The physical prescription must be at the pharmacy at the time of delivery or pickup.

We’ll contact your insurance and doctors so you don’t have to We understand how busy you are. The last thing you need to deal with are billing issues and insurance paperwork. We take care of that for you, whether it’s resolving issues directly with your insurance provider, or coordinating prescription authorization issues with your doctor.

Free delivery: Can’t make it to the pharmacy? We’ll bring the pharmacy to you. We offer free delivery for all or specific medications. Talk to the pharmacist for more details.

Same day delivery and pickup: Nobody likes waiting for their prescriptions. That’s why we offer same-day delivery and pickup. We’ll text you when your medication is ready, so you’re always informed about the status of your delivery or pickup.

Expert advice and consultation: Got questions about insurance? Low-cost alternatives? Over-the-counter options? We’ve got the answers you need. Our expert team of pharmacists are always ready to counsel and answer any medication questions you have.

Compounding services: Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy provides compounding services, so if you need personalized medication with special flavorings, unique dosage forms through customized solutions, or anything else, talk to us.

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World Class Service is our Especialty

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure you're going to get what you need.
every single time

At Bedminster Specialty Pharmacy, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you get on therapy as soon as possible. We are here to help you overcome all the hassles that can come with medication, from insurance issues, to identifying lower-cost alternatives, to obtaining hard-to-find medications, to coordinating with doctors. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to ensure you’re going to get what you need, every single time.